Paul Smalley

As a child I always had a fascination with the ocean. I spent my summers working on fishing boats and snorkeling the rocky shores of New England. I would watch any and all TV shows that had anything to do with the ocean and when I discovered the ones that showcased scuba diving it became my mission in life to become a scuba diver.

In 1989 I finally accomplished this goal getting certified in the Florida Keys. It was an amazing experience far exceeding anything I was expecting! I even moved to Florida so I could dive year round in the warm tropical waters. (the water in New England is a bit on the COLD side.) I took every course I could find and developed a real passion for wreck diving and spear fishing. There is something about picking out the actual fish you’re going to eat for dinner that makes it taste better than any you can buy at the market.

I moved to Louisiana shortly after marrying my wife and was lucky enough to meet Robbie and Laura at Underwater Treasures Dive Shop. After getting to know them and some of the other great folks there I inquired about some more training as I believe there is always something more to learn regardless of how much experience you have. They recommended becoming a Dive Instructor and after a little thought I agreed.

I became an Open Water Instructor in June of 2012 and fell in love with having the ability to teach people to scuba dive giving them the means to explore a remarkable world so few get to see. Continuing my education, I became an Advanced Open Water Instructor and teach several specialty courses as well including Diver Stress & Rescue, Deep Diving, Night and Limited Visibility, Boat Diving, Navigation, Perfect Buoyancy, Snorkeling and Enriched Air Nitrox.

I look forward to seeing you in class and helping you start your adventure of a lifetime!