Chris Bates

SSI Dive Master / Assistant Instructor

Started  my scuba diving career as an Open Water diver in 1992; continued dive training through the SSI diver program with Underwater Treasures (UWT) in 2009 obtaining the rank of Dive Master and Dive Control Specialist in 2015.

Joined the Underwater Treasures Pro Staff in 2015 operating as an O/W, advanced, stress and rescue; and assistant instructor. Serving alongside Robbie and Laura at Underwater Treasures inside the classroom, pool, and in the open water.

Police Rescue Diver for the Monroe police department dive team

Favorite dive destination:  Pensacola, FL

Favorite dive site:  USS Oriskany (CV-34) Aircraft carrier – Pensacola, FL

I have  joined the fight against the Lionfish invasion in the Gulf of Mexico by participating in the Lionfish World Championship since 2015; and was most recently selected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to be part of a scientific research expedition studying the effects of Lionfish at the Flower Gardens National Marine Sanctuary.

My passion  is found underwater in the deep blue ocean.  It is here in this underwater world where I feel truly free; it is here where I am most at home, it is what completes me. I have  an eagerness for scuba diving; teaching scuba diving, and sharing this love with others.  I first discovered my love for the ocean when I got O/W certified at the age of 18.  It was then , my desire to serve my country that lead me to join the United States Navy in 1993.  Served on the island of Diego Garcia that is set along the equator in the Indian Ocean.  Throughout my naval career , I also served aboard the USS Warrior (MCM 10) sailing across oceans around the globe such as the Indian, North Atlantic, Pacific, Mediterranean, Gulf of Mexico, English Channel, and the Baltic Sea.  “The sea is my home, it is my sanctuary” .

I love the Pro Staff at UWT dive shop.  Since day one, Laura and Robbie accepted me into their dive family; I couldn’t imagine diving with anyone else, and I couldn’t be part of a better team.

My wife, Heather and I have been married for over twenty years. She has accompanied me to the islands of Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel Mexico.  We have two boys, Gavin Todd, who recently got certified and Grayson Zachary.  Let the adventure continue.