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Cayman Islands

Escape into the warm Cayman waters and see the breathtaking World Famous Walls. Massive coral development in a rainbow of colors, amazing underwater visibility and tropical temperatures make Grand Cayman one of the most popular dive destinations in the world!


A hop, skip and a jump from Texas, Cozumel offers truly spectacular diving! Cozumel is ranked as one of the top sites in the world. The massive coral development is in a rainbow of colors; amazing underwater visibility and tropical temperatures.


Curacao lies just 60 kilometres/37 miles off the Venezuelan coast. Scuba divers can get a little bit of everything in Curacao – wreck and reef diving, boat and shore diving along healthy coral reefs and sloping walls. Listed are the top 5 dive spots.

Lake Ouachita

There are 127 islands nestled in coves. Lake Ouachita is known to be the 5th clearest lake in the United States, boasting with beautiful quartz crystals and a standing underwater forest. You’ll encounter ocean like wall dives in this beautiful fresh water lake.