The Scuba Ranger Club is all about fun and learning with other active Scuba Rangers. Scuba Rangers is an activities club for kids 8-12. By learning to snorkel and scuba dive in a swimming pool, kids build confidence, discipline and respect for the water while setting and accomplishing goals, and having fun! Scuba Rangers is an adult-supervised pool scuba club for kids and the Ranger pledge says it all.

How To Become A Scuba Ranger

It’s easy. Scuba Rangers is for any active kid age 8-12. You must have basic swimming skills, be comfortable in the water, and be in good health. Next, you enroll in a Scuba Ranger Development Program. In the program, you work your way through five basic levels. You’ll get cool rewards for each level you complete. Just ask your parents to call us about signing up.

  Water safety techniques, swimming and snorkeling skills.

  Snorkel review and first time on scuba

  More scuba skills and underwater photography.

  More scuba, fun and games.

  Demo Ranger is the highlight, because you proudly demonstrate your skills to parents, family and friends.

After Demo Ranger, you get a temporary completion card. You are also eligible to join the Scuba Rangers Club, where the fun really begins. Rangers are expected to make a commitment to learning the proper diving skills and following safe diving practices – and to having fun!

Mission of the Scuba Rangers

The mission of Scuba Rangers is simple: to involve children in scuba diving and pass along the excitement of water exploration. Our goal is for thousands and thousands of kids to develop a long-term affinity with the sport of scuba diving by the time they are 12 years old. The intent is that when they become adults, and are making recreational decisions, they will retain the affinity for scuba diving and pursue it as their passion.

Equipment you should have

So you can have more fun and be the best Ranger possible, you should own at least a mask, snorkel, and fins designed for your size and age. A personally fitted kid’s snorkeling system will make you dive like a fish. You’ll stay nice and toasty in the pool if you also have a Ranger-sized wetsuit.

Cost and What’s Included

Scuba Ranger Certification Course is $295.00 per child and includes: classroom & pool tuition, use of equipment (b.c., regulator, cylinder & weights), textbook/workbook (comic book style), scuba ranger instructional video, scuba ranger logbook with pages, class t-shirt, scuba snacks & drinks, scuba ranger patch, pin and completion certificate

Parents, please fill out the Parental Statement Form and turn it in.

We rent masks, fins, weights, regulators, BC’s, air tanks, wet suits and more.