Do you get cold while diving? A dry suit may be the answer for you. Dry suits are unique exposure suits that keep you warm, comfortable and DRY even under water. With just a little training, you can enjoy diving as you never have before. You’ll see, as so many others have, that diving dry really is better. With a dry suit, you can dive in places and see marine life that you can’t with a regular wet suit.

Each specialty course at UNDERWATER TREASURES uses a complete online training system.

Begin your dry suit diving adventure.

Minimum Age: 10
Certification Prerequisites: Open Water Diver
Academic Sessions: 6
Pool/Confined Water Sessions: 1 mandatory before Open Water Dive
Open Water Dives: 2
Maximum Training Depth: 30 meters / 100 feet (12-14 year-old: 18 meters / 60 feet)

Please refer to the SSI TRAINING STANDARDS for more detailed information

We rent masks, fins, weights, regulators, BC’s, air tanks, wet suits and more.