Curacao lies just 60 kilometres/37 miles off the Venezuelan coast. Scuba divers can get a little bit of everything in Curacao – wreck and reef diving, boat and shore diving along healthy coral reefs and sloping walls. Its desert environment means that there’s little run-off to affect visibility and water is usually very clear and warm. Along with incredible diving, Curacao offers cultural experiences and Willemstad, the capital city, is a World Heritage site complete with Dutch Colonial buildings and forts.

Great Dives

Playa Kalki (Alice in Wonderland) – A mini-wall reaching down to 18 metres/ 60 feet lies only a few minutes swim offshore from the cove’s beautiful sand beach. Snorkelers can also enjoy this spot while divers explore below. The mushroom-shaped coral formations that host a wide array of colorful reef fish give this site its “wonderland” name.

Porto Marie (The Valley) – The “valley” is actually the open sand area that runs between two parallel reefs. The first reef is at 15 metres/50 feet, and the second starts at 18 metres/60 feet. Easily reachable from shore, you can enjoy sightings of nurse sharks, turtles, lobsters and abundant coral.

Superior Producer – The 60-metre/200-foot Superior Producer is considered one of the best wreck dives in the Caribbean. Sitting upright on the bottom at 30 metres/100 feet, you can visit the wheelhouse at 24 metres/80 feet or enter the open cargo holds. Expect to see plenty of anemones, as well as frequent visits from large grouper and schooling barracuda.

Tugboat at Caracasbaii – Because the tugboat sunk just offshore near a drop off, this site combines wreck diving and wall diving. Explore the wall that reaches down to 30 metres/100 and finish your dive checking out the morays, reef fish, and tube sponges around the encrusted tugboat at 5 metres/15 feet.

Snake Bay – This is a fish-lover’s site that allows you to see a large variety of different reef fish as well as a few pelagics. If you’re lucky, you might see dolphins, sea turtles, rays and large jacks cruise the reef edge.
Watamula – Located on the northern tip of the island, this site allows you to peer into tunnels and swim through a garden of waving sea fans and gorgonians. Drift among huge stands of healthy corals of many different species and colors, but don’t forget to look for turtles swimming by.

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