Underwater Treasures

Underwater Treasure of West Monroe, Louisiana


Whether it's day or night, limited visibility can be an adventure. Just because the visibility is limited doesn't mean the opportunities are. Night diving is a natural extension of a diver's activities. The colorful nocturnal creatures glowing under a dive light create a spectacular surreal combination. With limited visibility diving, your range of activities is unsurpassed, opening up new dive sites to explore in your own locale.

UNDERWATER TREASURES offers a Night Diving/Limited Visibility specialty course. Each specialty course uses a complete training system. The system uses the manual, including chapter review questions, and a short video to present everything you need to know about diving after dark, or when the visibility is limited.

Learn the basics of:

  • Setting up shore lights at night
  • Having fun in turbid water
  • Locating the boat or shore
  • Finding your buddy in the dark
  • What to do if your light goes out
  • How to use a compass