Underwater Treasures

Underwater Treasure of West Monroe, Louisiana


We give students the opportunity to learn at their own pace with a quality assurance program at our dive facility. Our goal is to make each student feel comfortable SCUBA diving.

UNDERWATER TREASURES works hard to provide the flexibility that you need to fit your busy schedule. Each session will consist of classroom, video, review, questions and answers. As well as academics, we will also do pool sessions in our indoor heated pool each time we meet.

Our system uses your very own personal manual, study guide and log book that you get when you sign up for a class. You will learn about SCUBA equipment and how to use it, water motion, and how your body functions while submerged. Our teaching outlook highlights critical skills and constantly reinforces the repetition of these skills through practice exercises.

You will look forward to coming to each session as you take each step toward becoming a trained, certified diver and earning your passport to a lifetime of adventure!